Monday, September 25, 2017

Flower Sketching Experiments

I have all sorts of excuses for not losing myself in artwork recently.  Ignoring painting and drawing is not good for me.  I am happier even if I spend only a half hour a day creating.

I've been doing flower studies to get art back into my life.

I've already posted the bouquet I painted when I painted with Marsha in August.  These are three sketches I've done since then.

I like to work from a still-life set-up.  I found a few weigelia flowers still blooming.

The vase is one I bought years ago when my sister and I were shopping at a Mikasa store at an outlet mall.  I used a Micron pen which was a little low on ink.  There was enough ink for me to draw some guidelines but not enough to create firm edges.  Afterward, I laid in some watercolor washes.  The paper is bit thin so I had to be careful, not have much water in my brush.

After Labor Day Marsha and I painted at her house.  This time it was simpler to work from photographs than from a still-life.

I still used basically the same technique.  I chose to sketch only a few of the Purple Coneflowers in the photo.

I had time to do a second painting.  Marsha said she had seen an interesting painting on-line in which the artist had started with a wash of colors and then gone back and drawn shapes.  I decided to see what I could come up with.

The photo is of Ironweed.

Here is the result.  I decided I liked the sketchy lines so I didn't redraw them more precisely with a fresh Micron pen.  I think this technique could make an interesting background for a collage of some sort.  I also plan to try it on a paper that is more suitable for watercolor washes.

All of these pieces are small, about seven  inches square.

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  1. Oh my I like them all! During my recouperation I have been watching You Tubes mainly on Prismacolor Pencils...I wish I had a lick of artist talent! I thought about you the other day, a friend gave me a whole box of beads and I had to sort and rummage through the box...I found tools to work with clay to make your own beads:) Not that I will do it...but I have a start if I wanted too! My hand is getting better so slowly, today I lifted Chance into the car to go to the groomer so I am in pain again. One step forward and two back. I am leaving Thursday to go to a Scrapbook Retreat with my youngest daughter, I will be working on Christmas Cards and eye glass beaded chains:)