Thursday, March 22, 2018

Garbry Big Woods Sanctuary, March 19, 2018

When Tom and I opened the van doors we heard the frogs calling for mates, another sign that spring is on its way.

Tom found the first flowers...Harbingers-of-spring.  He didn't come out with me last week when I saw the Harbingers so this was the first time he has seen them this season.  When I searched for them last week, I searched and searched before finding the first one.  Today they were sprinkled throughout the woods.  In another week there will be even more of them.  But, because each little cluster is a quarter inch or less in diameter, they still won't be easy to find unless a person is looking for them.

Just beyond the first water seep, Tom spotted a Purple Cress.  One flower was open wide.

Further on we, found a few more Purple Cress.  Most of them were still in bud but we found this one with multiple flowers.

I saw a few of one variety of Waterleaf.  The leaves were still as small as the ones I found last week.

The most noticeable flowers were the Hepatica.  Even a casual observer would see them.  There will be more and bigger clusters soon.

The pollinators were busy.  See the tiny beetle in the hepatica on the right?

Tom was surprised when he looked at the following photo.  He hadn't realized there was a honeybee in the picture, too.

As we returned to the parking lot, a bird was singing and flitting about in the trees.  Neither of us recognized its song.  Time to get out the bird song CDs.


  1. Lucky you having spring flowers!! We will get more snow tonight...another storm is headed this way...the worst will go south of us. Have a good weekend! :)