Thursday, April 12, 2018

April 11, 2018...Flowers at Garbry Big Woods Sanctuary

This was the first nice day for looking at wildflowers in over a week.  Spring is coming reluctantly this year...a day of snow...a day without snow...another day of snow.  Tom was eager to try out his new camera body.  

This computer needs to see the doctor so this post is being written quickly.  We are taking the computer in for a checkup this afternoon.

By the time we arrived at Garbry the temperature had reached sixty degrees Fahrenheit.  This turned out to be our first day of seeing wildflowers throughout the woods.  Most of them were smaller than usual.  I don't know if that was because we have had a long hard winter or the flowers are just beginning to show themselves.


Spring Beauties

Purple Cress

One of the Waterleafs

The other Waterleaf

Cutleaf Toothwort

There was still a smattering of Harbinger of Spring but some were beginning to fade.

But there were Hepatica sprinkled abundantly throughout the  woods.

The Sessile Trillium were in bud but none of the buds were showing any sign of opening.  The plants are very small this year

Tom nearly ran over a gartersnake.  He was looking at flowers, not at the boardwalk he was driving on.

As he sat there, more gartersnakes slithered out from under the boardwalk.  I wonder if they had spent the winter curled up together under it.  We saw at  five gartersnakes all at the same time.  We suspect that we saw more than that.  They kept slithering under and back out of the boardwalk and some took off through the leaf cover.

The Dutchmen's Breeches were showing buds.  Tom took one photo showing a flower open.  I am not using his photos because I would have to search for them on the computer and it is nearly time to drive this computer to the doctor.

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  1. Great looking spring flowers. Hope your computer comes back unscathed:)