Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wonderful Week of Food

Tom gave me this card as he noted...two weeks before my birthday.

On June 11, friends since we met them during Tom's master's program in the early 1960's, stopped in. They moved to Florida after they retired but came back this month to visit in Ohio. We spent an afternoon catching up on what has been happening in our lives and then went out to eat at The Caroline. (Wine and cloth napkins)

On June 12, I decided to pull weeds in one of the flowerbeds. I could hardly find the plants for the weeds. The bed looks better now although there is still more grass and Gill-'or the ground to be pulled. (also called Creeping Charley or Ground Ivy) Tom was still working on the computer when I came in so I decided to surprise him with lunch even though he had told me he planned to make lunch at noon. He was NOT happy. He, Ray, and Sonja were planning to surprise me with a birthday party at noon. I was sorry I had spoiled my surprise but also glad since I was grimy from pulling weeds.

By the time I had changed clothes, Ray, Stephen and James had arrived with a cake. Sonja and Eric arrived shortly after with two buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken and a variety of side dishes.

Ted and Sean had to work and Samantha was at a friend's graduation ceremony. I was happy to see everyone who was free to come.

But the days of eating still were not complete. There was a pause on June 13 and then Tom and I were off to eat again, this time at a very, very nice restaurant, Rue Dumaine which serves American, European, and French Cuisine. Sean, our oldest grandson, is one of the chefs there. This is an expensive restaurant that we can only afford once a year at the most. The food was fantastic. I really wanted to get a photo of Sean working away but I thought that might be just a bit too grandmotherly. Here is a photo of him he gave me a couple years ago.

The waitress told us he is always working at an amazing pace. She is engaged and says Sean treats the two of them to meals he prepares on his days off.

Tom and I met friends on June 15 for lunch. This time we went to The Night Sky Cafe which is yet another type of restaurant. We met their 10 week old granddaughter.They surprised me with a birthday cake also.

This has been a wonderful week for eating. Guess I'll diet for the next two.


P.S. Here is the message on the back of the card Tom sent me.

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