Friday, June 3, 2011

Banana Slugs String Band... Hug the Earth Festival Wrap up...Part 2

The Banana Slug String Band from Santa Cruz, California performing on Saturday, May 21, at the Hug the Earth Festival at Garbry Big Woods.

Miz Dirt explaining to Doug Dirt that "Dirt Made My Lunch". No matter how many times the audience has heard the routine, the people still respond with shouts, laughter and then an enthusiastic rendition of one of the Slugs signature songs "Dirt Made My Lunch/ Thank you, Dirt/ Thanks a bunch/ For my milk...and my munch/ Thanks, Dirt/ You made my lunch."

The festival first day was May 17 at Garbry Big Woods. A brief rain was predicted but the brief rain turned into a cold, hard, all day rain on the coldest May 17 since 1932. The following day was an all day event at one of the local school systems, the third and fourth days were held at the Miami County Fairgrounds because of rain. The fifth day, Saturday, was back at Garbry Big Woods on a beautiful sunny, warm day. Saturday was open to the public. The earlier days were education staff days with the local school students, about a thousand each day.

Each day during the week, a staff member from the Kentucky Reptile Zoo talked to the students about retiles of various types. Here, she is showing the students a Timber Rattlesnake.

On Saturday, staff from the Columbus, Ohio Zoo brought animals and talked to the students about them.

Dr. Insecta talked about insects and their relatives on Saturday, also.

The Saturday events schedule and locations of the events were on signs displayed throughout the park.

The following photos are of a few of the activities available for young and old. Since I was also taking videos for Tom to splice into a one hour video for viewing on the local public access channels, I didn't take many stills.

One activity in the Invertebrate Village

Pet Rock Painting

                                Making paper rockets
Preparing to blast off

Preparing to launch into the pond

This boy has had a hat made by Twinkie the Clown and also had his face painted at the face painting site. He is watching Twinkie start a balloon creation for his big sister.

This little girl is on top of the world. A staff member behind her is holding her securely by the ankles. During the week, this Earth Ball was used for a variety of teaching activities.

A slice of pizza cost two dollars. Everything else was free...just the right price for an inexpensive afternoon of fun for all.

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