Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Large-flowered Trillium

Large-flowered Trillium Watercolor 7 inches by 5 inches

I was happy to get back to painting last week. For the previous two weeks, Tom and I were focused on nature related activities...first the trip to Magee Marsh and then the Hug the Earth filming.

I used a photo taken at Garbry Big Woods Sanctuary as inspiration for this painting. Painting a white flower with shadows on it is challenging. Artists use various colors for the shadows. For this one I used mostly Ultramarine blue deep. French ultramarine blue and Ultramarine blue are two other possibilities. I am painting a second similar picture and may experiment with a different blue. The random striped background is obtained by laying lightweight plastic wrap on wet watercolor and leaving it there until the paint dries.

I appreciate everyone who manages to get through the commenting process. Several people have told me they have tried to comment but have been stymied by the process. I know the feeling. Other bloggers I follow use this system and I can only sometimes get a message posted. I will continue to look for other comment posting options that protect from viruses.

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