Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, Stephen

Stephen's birth announcement.  Ray, his dad, who designed the announcement, must have realized intuitively that Stephen would grow up to be a railroad fan.

Stephen at four months with his big brothers

 Stephen at Christmas, age 1 and 1/2.

Stephen in 2000.

 Stephen and James, his brother, with Thomas in Whitewater, Indiana.

Stephen  in the shirt with the NIC on it)  helped with the middle school garden a project in conjunction with the Miami County Parks District. James, an eighth grade student, ( in the white shirt with colored speckles)  was one of the students working on the project.  I took photos.  Everyone is taking a snack break.

Stephen wearing his  CSX shirt, holding a model train and a can of Coke.  These are some of his favorite things.


 Stephen with a sycamore seed ball that he found at Brukner.  He is great to walk with.  He sees a lot that I miss.

  Stephen holding the dump truck he made with a kit.

Have a great day, Stephen.

 Lots of love from Grandma       


  1. Happy birthday, Stephen! We'll have to hike together sometime.