Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Banana Slugs

"Banana slugs, banana slugs,
I like them. They're beau--tiful."
From the "Banana Slug Song" sung by the Banana Slug String Band of Santa Cruz, California.

This is the song the children of our county sing with great enthusiasm at the Hug The Earth Festival.  If they are encouraging enough, a giant banana slug will  dance the "Oochie Koochie" for them.  The slug is also a great leader for a Conga Line. The giant slug suffers from low self esteem because lots of people call it ugly and slimey.  As a result, it is very shy.  But it opens like a flower when it is in the midst of people who love it.

Another way the children and park district staff  show that they love it is by wearing banana slug antennae. 

 Cinda holding a model of a banana slug, a little larger than life size.  Tom is off to the left filming Cinda's presentation from the doorway.  I am at the back of the classroom videotaping and also taking stills like this one.

Wouldn't it be wonderful for the entire world to sprout Banana Slug antennae?  Think how happy the giant banana slug would be. Your set is in the bin. 

Coming soon...the next chapter...What IS a Banana Slug?

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