Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Banana Slug String Band...Hug the Earth Wrap Up...Part 1

After entertaining thousands of Miami County students for four days, here is the Banana Slugs String Band still full of energy and song on Saturday at Garbry Big Woods Reserve entertaining the public at their final concert of the week.

The week before the Slugs came was beautiful in the Miami Valley.  The week they were here, there was rain during the week but none on Saturday.  The festival was held mostly in buildings at the Miami County Fair Grounds on Thursday and Friday because of the rain.  That didn't stop kindergarteners from having a great time singing with Marine Mark dressed as a Giant Redwood.

Here is Tom filming from the back of the building.  On the right, hoisted on a ladder, is the fixed video camera that takes the distant video.  Tom is zooming in and getting close ups.  Back home at the computer he merges the two videos so he has a combination of long and close views.  He also takes still photos with another camera to intersperse.  I take video and photos with my little camera of events he doesn't get to for a variety of reasons.  After ten plus years, he has a system that works.  The finished products will be shown on public access TV stations in the area and on U Tube through the park district's web site.  The primary purpose is so the students and their families can see their performances.

Next post...a few of the other events and more of the Banana Slugs String Band.

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