Monday, August 8, 2011

The Ohio State Fair

When Robert, Tom, and I arrived at the state fair, our first stop was the Buckeye Sports Center. This is always our first stop because it is the site of the State 4-H Dog Show Competition. Tom and I have had grandchildren and their dogs competing for quite a few years.

We found Eric and his friends hanging out and grooming their dogs for the upcoming competitions. These are Robert's friends, too. He was in the 4-H group for several years and a number of the 4-Hers are in the Troy band.  Robert is one of the Troy  field commanders. 

Eric said he and Courtney wouldn't be showing for a couple hours so Tom and I decided to look around. Robert stayed to talk with his friends.

Tom and I always check out the exhibits at the Agriculture and Horticulture Building. The envionmental agencies also have booths there. We saw this water cycle diarama which we knew the educational staff at the park district would be interested in so I took a couple photos to show them. The cloud "rains" on the mountains if the viewer presses a button.

We took a photo of the transportation diarama for all those railroad fans in the family.

Our next stop was one of the commerical exhibits areas. Tom decided to buy a remote control helicopter. He has been fascinated by them for several years. The price was right.

We went back to watch Eric and Courtney compete. Here they are in the ring waiting their turn.

Off Tom and I went again.  This tme we saw draft horses in line for a competition.  Their trappings sparkled in the sunlight.

When we returned the next time, Eric was in the ring again. We saw him receive a ribbon for "Outstanding Exhibitor". Afterward, he laughed a bit sheepishly. "What can I say? They just like me."

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