Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sean

And many more,
 with lots of love
 from Grandma

PS. Check back this evening for more pictures.

Do you remember touching the Barred Owl at Brukner? You were three.

You were happy to see Uncle David at Christmas in 1989.

Do you remember Clifford, the Big Red Dog, that you took to bed with you when you were very young? I bet your mom and dad do.

Birthday number six. Chocolate cake with chocolate icing was your choice.

You became a master with the hula hoop.

This is one of those undated photos.

I talked you and Ted into being a model for a drawing I wanted to do for a book I was illustrating for Mrs. Beaver. I was happy I had willing grandsons. I think this was about 2001. It is another undated photo but I just reread my journal for 2001 and I know I was working on those drawings that year.

I hope I get back to Rue Dumaine before too long so I can eat one of your special dishes. As your mom says, it's nice to have a chef in the family.

I hope this is an interesting, eventful year for you with lots of good experiences.

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