Tuesday, September 20, 2011

On the Easel Today, Sept.20, 2011

I have three paintings that I am working on. I don't know how much time I will have to paint on these this week since I will be teaching an insect unit for Brukner Nature Center on two days and going to Portrait and Figure Open Studio on Thursday.

I also have a lot of housecleaning that needs to be done. I slacked off the housecleaning for three weeks after having minor surgery on my right wrist. Yes, I am left-handed but I seem to use my right hand a lot when I do housework.

Here are the paintings. The Rag Doll is first. I worked a little on the lace on the hem and added books to the bookcase. I want to do just a little more definition of the books. I don't want them to be very noticeable since they are part of the background. I am considering the fuzzy orange yarn hair. I may leave it the way it is. I may add a little more detail.

The next painting is of an Eastern Comma on Clear Weed. Tom took this photo a few years ago.

I did some rearranging of the objects in the photo. Here is my painting.

Because I rearranged some elements, I will spend a lot of time thinking about how I will do the background. It is one of those backgrounds that will "evolve". Every time I use that word, I think of my young grandsons playing with Pokemon cards. Pokemon characters keep "evolving" from one form to another.

The third painting that I am playing with is Yellow Waterlilies. A couple years ago I thought the painting was finished. I looked at it again when I was gathering paintings for the Farmers' Market and decided I wanted to do some adjusting. A painting is only finished forever when it is out of my studio and I can no longer do anything to it.

Here is the photograph of the original finished painting.

In the last week I have added definition to the petals and experimented with the raindrops. I am still not satisfied with the raindrops. I have also darkened the upper right. I want to do some major adjustments to the lily pad the lily seems to be sitting on. I don't know exactly what.

The first one is a photograph of the original painting. The second one I scanned into the computer. The two forms of reproduction cause the colors to be different. The colors in the scanned image are truer to the original.

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