Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day Weekend Storm

This is the yard of our neighbor across the street on Sunday morning.

This is the yard of a neighbor down the street. He was fortunate. The tree missed his car. There were others in the area whose vehicles were demolished by falling trees.

We were even more fortunate. Here, in our fire pit, are the branches that came down in our yard.

We lost electricity for about 24 hours, from about 2 AM on Sunday morning to 2 AM on Monday morning. Our plat periodically loses electricity so, 35 years ago, Tom and the boys installed a generator. A couple years ago, a neighbor upgraded the size of the gasoline tank so we are able to go five or six hours before refilling the tank. We had enough electricity to run most of the kitchen appliances and the pump that provides us with water. We could use lamps as long as we only used a few at a time.

However, we were without cable which meant we were without television, telephone and internet access. That is why I did not post my usual Tuesday blog.

Sonja and Eric stopped in on Sunday morning to see if we were all right and to pick up branches in our yard. Tom and Eric drove to the nearest gas station to buy additional gasoline for the generator. While they were out, Eric took this photo of the downed utility poles which were the reason for our having no electricity or cable access. The story is now circulating that there were four poles lying across the road and others that were tipped. Nine semis in the distribution center beside the road were overturned. There has been no reports of any human injuries.

I saw a news report this morning which blames the unusual storm on the winds from Hurricane Lee which are now in our area.

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