Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Winter Shadows, Part 3

This is the painting after the mask has been removed from the near rocks.

Here I have softened the areas of the rock cliff  which I had masked.  I used a stiffer brush than I normally work with.  This requires careful strokes, firm enough to smudge the sharp edges but light enough so  I don't damage the paper.  A few light glazes of cobalt blue also softened the masked areas. 

I darkened the trees with cobalt blue  and added Orange Lake to the largest tree as well.  I want that tree to be the most prominent. 

A wash of Antwerp blue brightened the sky and distant snow.  I continued working on the near cliff wall to give it more rocky texture and shape.

I am getting close to being finished so I printed the painting in grays.  This helped me focus in on the areas that I will concentrate on next.

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  1. Great light & shadows on this, Pauline. With the colors you used, it could almost pass for a PierceClark painting!

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