Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Winter Shadows..First Steps

As the painting looked last week.

Stage 2
I started putting texture on the trees with Orange Lake and added another wash of Cobalt Blue to the background.

Stage 3 with Maskit protecting whites
I protected the white of the paper with Maskit which is a bit like rubber cement but  better chemically for the paper.  I laid a wash of Primary Blue over the sky, Burnt Sienna and Orange Lake for the distant trees and a wash of Ultramarine Blue to darken snow in the valley.  The blue on the nearer trees  is Cobalt.

Stage 3 with no Maskit on right side
I took the mask off so I could see the contrasts on the trees.

Stage 4
I added texture to the distant trees with scribbles,  a mix of Burnt Sienna, Cobalt Blue, and Orange Lake. I worked a little on the far cliffs. and so on. I decided the most prominent tree needed reshaping.  I added short strokes of Orange Lake and Cobalt Blue.  I  added washes of Quinacridone Gold, Orange Lake, and Cobalt Blue on the near cliffs. I removed the Maskit and add more washes of Quinacridone Gold, Orange Lake and Cobalt Blue.  The last thing I did was put splotches of Maskit on the cliffs to preserve some of the new washes.  Next I will add more washes to the cliffs and see what I then have.

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