Sunday, May 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, Stephen

It wasn't long ago that you and I took a walk at Charleston Falls and I took this photo of you at the front of the limestone cave. That was a good day. I hope this was a good day, too. This year I decided to remember some of the favorite books that your cousins and you liked to have me read. I'm almost positive that your favorite when you were young was The Train to Timbuctoo. Remember the last page?

                      Kalamazoo to Timbuctoo
                     It's a long way down the track
                     And from Timbuctoo to Kalamazoo

                     It's just as far to go back
                     From Timbuctoo to Kalamazoo
                     From Kalamazoo and back
                        A long, long way,
                            a long. long way,
                              a long way down the track.
                                   From Kalamazoo to Timbuctoo
                                      From Timbuctoo
                                           and back.

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  1. Happy Birthday Stephen!..they grow up so fast..I remember some of the books I used to read too..I kept a few of my favorites! :)