Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lilian Nichols...Chrysanthemum Canes

Here are two of the finished projects that Lilian brought in as examples of what we would be doing. On the left is a small glass vase or tea light holder. The sheet on the right could be used to cover a variety of objects. She had covered several brooches with it. We started with a base of polymer clay, white, pearl and translucent. Over it we laid bits of thin sheets of polymer clay in a variety of colors. Some of us made stripes. Others created a random color pattern.
Below is another color selection that was used.
Putting the covered base through our pastry blenders created a variegated sheet.
Our next step was to roll the sheet into a cane.
After indenting the cane lengthwise with a ruler, we had canes that looked like these.
We sliced off very thin sections of the canes and applied them to wooden bracelet forms or tea light holders. Here are some of the results.
We all finished our projects to the point where they could be baked. However, the longest part of the project was still ahead of us, sanding the baked clay until it was perfectly smooth, doing whatever touch up might be necessary and painting a glossy finish on it. Lilian doesn't sell bracelets she makes this way because she says that she would have to set the price at $400 to cover the cost of her labor.


  1. Lovely! Simply wonderful!

  2. Bravo! You all did it beautifully, and I am truly flattered!