Thursday, September 20, 2012

Here Comes the Band...and the Band...and the Band, Band Invitationals

We have gone to Band Invitationals the last two weekends. They are another addition to our social calendar because we have grandchildren, grandchildren who play in the Troy High School Band. This year Eric is our only band member.  And here he is. The clue is...he is one of those playing a  trumpet.  :)  We have trouble finding him, too.

We began going to the Band Invitationals when our granddaughter who graduated from high school five years ago joined the Troy Band Auxiliary. This is a group who do choreographed performances with the band. Here are some of the Auxiliary groups from the Troy Invitational.

Percussion groups are spotlighted.

And individual band members play solos.

The bands range in size from small...

to large.

Each band is judged on multiple factors, including whether they stay within their allotted time span. One band tears down and exits as another band enters and sets up.

The fifteen minute programs are based on themes chosen by the music departments. They range from Little Shop of Horrors to Dreamscapes to The Game of Life. Troy's show title is Vegas.

The bands like the trophies presented at the Invitationals but what they want most is a ONE, a superior rating because that means they are eligible to compete in the OMEA (Ohio Music Education Association) Finals which are usually in the first part of November.

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