Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Working on a New Grandchildren Mat

Those of you who have visited us know that I have these photos of our grandchildren hanging in the hall.

The top one displays photos from 2004. The bottom one displays photos from 2007 and 2008.

When Ray and Gretchen married last June two more grandchildren became part of our family. In the past, the mat, MY GRANDKIDS contained the eleven openings so each child had one. This year I am filling a mat, GRANDCHILDREN, since there are 13 openings, one for each grandchild. 

It is still a work in process. I will go back through the wedding photographer's pictures to find good ones of Ray's boys.  I don't have newer photos of the three older ones.  I do have 2012 photos of Stephen but I know he will want a picture of himself in his tuxedo since that is what his brothers will be wearing. Colin's photo is from the wedding, too.  

Graylyn was beautiful as her mother's  maid of honor, but,  I like the photo I took of Graylyn when she, Ray, and Gretchen stopped here last September.  I usually like everyday photos the best.  She was on her way to New York City for an internship with NBC.

It usually takes me about a week to resize photos and choose exactly the pose I want of each grandchild. I have eight chosen though I will redo two of them because they are not exactly what I want. Then I will go back through the wedding photos. Since Treven was sick and couldn't visit this summer, I will make do with a photo from last year.

I am eager to get back to painting but, first, I want to finish this mat and do a little more sorting and dumping in the basement. I am happy that Sarah and I are painting en plein air at Stillwater Prairie Reserve tomorrow. I will post the result. Sarah and I haven't painted together for over a year. She finally has a job with a schedule that she can rely on to remain the same week after week.

I hope all of you have a wonderful day.

P.S. For those of you who might be interested in acquiring specialty mats, I bought mine from friends who you can reach by going to their website.



  1. What a lovely idea.

    I hope you have a lovely day of painting, I look forward to seeing what you paint.