Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ida, Profile Portrait, Part 2

Some of you have realized that I am using acrylics for this portrait because I have been painting and then painting over what I have painted. This is easily done with oils and acrylics but not easily done with watercolors which I often work with.

This is the palette I am using.

I am also working without a preliminary sketch. I do this in hope that I will gradually train my eyes to see proportions without sketching.  Sometimes I see the proportions and sometimes I don't. I am having trouble seeing the proportions with this profile but I keep on practicing.

This is where I was at the end of the first session.   I had blocked in the rest of the square behind the crown of the hat with light blue to help me get the shape correct.

I adjusted the hat in front of the face.  I also raised the eye and added shape to the lips.

I added black made from Cadmium Orange and French Ultramarine Blue to more of the hat to give  shape to the face as well as the hat.  I also began adjusting the ear.

I added some basic shading on and around the ear. I also added a bit more definition on the rest of the face and a few shadows in the hair. The back brim is also roughed in with black.  Notice that I have not yet covered all the lines from the square I painted in the first step.

Before I began the third session, I looked through my books on drawing faces and made some discoveries which caused me work differently.  I'll tell you about them next time.

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