Thursday, January 24, 2013

Spring Is On Its Way

It's 19 degrees Fahrenheit as I am typing this but I have spring flowers thanks to our ninety-one year old neighbor across the street. Earlier this month we had a week of warm weather, around 60 degrees one day. She noticed that the buds on her forsythia were swelling so she brought some branches in and forced their blooms. On Sunday when Tom took her a piece of his birthday cake, she gave us two of the branches.

Can spring be far behind?


  1. Lucky you! I am certain you will get spring two months before us! I am real tired of winter..and we are not at the half way mark yet.
    I love Forsythia..mine never blooms ..I keep year it had two or three little blooms..I was overjoyed:)

  2. Hi.Lovely site. May I use your split cherry tree photo for an educational "sliderocket" presentation for Israeli High School kids learning Jesse Stuart's short story?

  3. CarolK

    You are welcome to use my split cherry tree photo.

  4. Actually, I think it's coming tomorrow.

  5. Very much appreciate seeing these blooms!!! Especially on a grey day!