Friday, January 11, 2013

Ida, Profile,Redo, Part1


To the left is the photo I took.  To the right is the sketch I painted. Ugh! I am tempted to make excuses but I won't. The biggest problem was that I didn't give her enough "brain". Is that because I am more interested in faces than in the backs of people's heads?

I looked through my collections of portrait drawing books and settled on using this diagram from Jack Hamm's Drawing the Head and Figure, copyright 1963, page 27. It is number 7 in a series of 9 steps. I traced over the head outline with a computer software product, the brush from Jasc. If you look closely you can see the square divided in fourths that he used as a starting point. Further along in the book is the step by step drawing of a male's head, which he draws with different proportions.
I thought that I would get enough information by simply crossing a horizontal and a vertical line. As I proceeded, I wished I had taken time to draw the entire square guide. But I didn't start over. I blundered on.

Next I sketched in the hat, hoping that would help with proportions.

As it turned out, I adjusted the hat several times before I was happy with it. Next I painted in what I saw as the shape of the face. (I saw that shape differently as I progressed further.)

I blocked in the features and left the sketch for the day.   The new sketch is better but more needs to be done.  More in Part 2 which I will put up tomorrow.


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  1. You have a vision and can get the depth into a drawing/painting. I lack the ability to transform what I see to paper..or canvas...Flat..That is what I end up with flat stick people. You are very talented Pauline..I envy your ability to draw:)