Friday, February 7, 2014

A Different Look at Charleston Falls, February 1, 2014

On February 1, our area had a welcome day of relief from the cold, the snow, and the wind. (34 degrees Fahrenheit at 7 AM or 1 degree Celsius)  Jeanne and I walked as far as the falls and then through Octagon Prairie.  The trails were still too icy to take our normal hike up and down the ravines.

The falls looked different than I have ever seen them.  Here is a closer look.  The snow flurries had left the falls looking as though there were draperies on either side of the icy tubes through which the water was flowing.

We are back to nights below zero ( 0 Fahrenheit equals  -18 Celsius).  This has been a record breaking winter in our area.  Like many people in America's Heartland, Tom and I are ready to see a glimmer of spring.

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