Saturday, February 22, 2014

February 22, 2014, Fifty-three Years Since That First Bouquet

This bouquet that commemorates the one Tom sent fifty-three years ago to my college dorm room.

As usual I was dense.  I wondered why he was making an elaborate meal and why he asked me to put out candles.  Even the North Carolina wine on the table didn't jog my prosaic mind as to why this was a special day.

We were ready to sit down to lunch when the front doorbell rang.  Tipp Florists delivered  a dozen roses.  Then I remembered.

Tom!  He did it again.  Surprised me with a dozen red roses just as he did fifty-three years ago.  You would think that I would come to expect a bouquet on this date but I guess I am not the romantic sort.  I'm glad I am married to Tom who is.

So that was why he slaved away in the kitchen this morning!  He made spatzle, red cabbage with apples, and beef stroganoff.  For dessert, he put  fresh blueberries and red raspberries in a Cool Whip and cream cheese filling.

After lunch, I asked him to set his camera and take a photo of us together.

I will remember next year.  February 22 is not important because it is George Washington's birthday.  It is important because it is the day of the roses.


  1. The day of the roses!! How wonderful is that! AND he cooked for you!! He is a keeper for sure! We like spatzle too as do our grands, it sounds like you had a wonderful lunch! :)