Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cadmium Yellow Light to Dioxazine Purple, Another Set of Complements

I am showing you another example of mixing black from complements mostly because by comparing the Yellow Cadmium Light to Dioazine Purple examples with the Cadmium Red Medium to Turquoise (Pthalo Green) examples I mixed in the last art blog you will see an interesting way they relate to the Gray Scale.

As we learned in the Red to Green Complement mixing, mixing complements can result in black.

Here are the original sheets of mixes.

As you can see it doesn't take much yellow to turn the purple to black but it is possible to get many yellows and browns before reaching black.

These were the best of the purples I had mixed by adding yellow little by little.  If I were mixing for a class assignment, I would redo my purple to black mixes and hope I would get a better selection of purples to choose from.

It was much easier to mix a wide variety of yellows as I added more and more purple.

Here is the entire lineup.

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