Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Come have a visit with Fleeta Mae at the Glenmore Playhouse in Cheviot

Fleeta Mae has lived a long time, seen a lot, and learned a lot.  If you visit her at the Glenmore Playhouse in Cheviot, Ohio, she will give you a warm welcome as well as lots of entertaining gossip about the little town she lives in, Precious Heart.

Here is her living room.  Behind the couch is her sewing machine where she stitches away to earn a living.

Fleeta Mae is never too busy to talk with friends and you are her friends come to visit.  She will tell you about some of the most important events in her life and, sometimes, what she learned from them.  Because she has a unique view of life you will find yourself laughing as well as commiserating.  She lets you get a word in about your experiences as well.

Fleeta Mae is the only actor in this play but like good actors and good comedians, the time flies as you and she talk.  You will laugh and you will reflect as Fleeta Mae relates episodes of her long life.  She never stays on one topic long enough for her friends to become bored which is more than can be said for some older ladies.

During the intermission, she (and members of The Drama Workshop) offers you treats that remind you that you are spending time in Precious Heart, TEXAS.

Chocolate boots and ten-gallon hats

More boots, cacti, and Texas shaped cookies

Fleeta Mae is big-hearted.  She has come all the way from Precious Heart, Texas to help The Drama Workshop earn money for their next big renovation project, the ramp, which will make the theater handicapped accessible so the next time she comes she will have access to more of her friends.  The playwright who helped her organize her thoughts, Ted Karber, Jr.  came for her opening night which was a special treat for all who came that night.

Fleeta Mae took time to pose with her drama workshop friends and to share some photos from her scrapbooks, too.  Greg Smith is her favorite cousin.  He supports her in nearly all her endeavors.

Fleeta Mae's door will be open again this coming weekend.  Check The Drama Workshop's website for times and other information.  I promise you.  Fleeta Mae will make you chuckle and laugh.

You will contributing to a worthy cause, the building of the handicapped accessible ramp.  All proceeds from this play will go toward the ramp.  

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