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Nunsense, A Production of The Drama Workshop, Wins Awards

The Drama Workshop has received multiple awards for the 2013-2014 season's production of Nunsense.  I have posted the Orchids from the Association of Community Theatres - Cincinnati (ACT) Awards as an update to my original blog, Nunsense, Delightful, Rollicking Nonsense, which was published on October 16, 2013.  After listing them on that blog, I decided to repost them here.

My information came from my son, Ray Persing who is active in theatrical group.

Association of Community Theatres - Cincinnati (Act) Awards

"ACT legend has it that The Orchid Awards are named after the orchids that were given to each female attendee of the first ACT banquets.  Today, the Orchid Awards are ACT - Cincinnati's way to recognize  and encourage excellence in over 23 performing and production areas.  Orchid Awards are given to those who have been nominated by adjudicators who have attended ACT member productions though the ACT Adjudication Program.

The adjudicators simply nominate those areas of a production they feel are outstanding or excellent examples of the craft.  Everyone involved in the production is therefore eligible to be acknowledged by an award.  If at least two of the three adjudicators considers the performance or production area of outstanding quality and nominates the same performance or production area, the person or persons responsible for that area is awarded an Orchid.  Orchids are therefore highly coveted acknowledgments of the best a production has to offer."

Excellence in Choreography - Lauren Kinker
Excellence in Chorus - Linda Abbott and Cast
Excellence in Dance Execution - Lauren Kinker and Cast
Excellence in Direction - Liz Ingram
Excellence in Ensemble - Liz Ingram and Cast
Excellence in House - Ray Persing and Megan Bush Schultheis
Excellence in Music Direction - Linda Abbott
Excellence in Musical Theatre Performance as Sr. Mary Regina - Dianna L. Davis
Excellence in Musical Theatre Performance as Sr. Hubert - Karen Sowards
Excellence in Musical Theatre Performance as Sr. Robert Anne - Amy Shaffer Waldfogle
Excellence in Musical Theatre Performance as Sr. Mary Leo - Kate Stark
Excellence in Musical Theatre Performance as Sr. Mary Amnesia - Catherine Fields Shultz
Excellence in Orchestra - Linda Abbott, Marsha Moore, Eric Day, Charles Kleesattel
Excellence in Overall Performance Quality - Liz Ingram
Excellence in Set Construction - Ray Persing and Crew
Excellence in Stage Management - Tobie Braverman
Excellence in Vocal Direction - Linda Abbott

And still the awards keep coming.  The Ohio Community Theatre Association Southwest Regional Awards were announced the fourth weekend in June.

The OCTA SW Regional is held the 4th weekend of June every year.  Every theatre group in the greater Cincinnati area is invited to bring a half-hour excerpt from one of the shows that were produced the previous season.  The excerpts are adjudicated by 3 judges from other areas of the state, and the top shows invited to the state conference to be held over Labor Day weekend.  The OCTA awards come in three levels - Merit indicates a nomination by one judge; Excellence, by two judges; and Outstanding indicates all three judges nominated for the award.

Excellence in Ensemble: The Cast (Karen Sowards, Dianna Davis, Caitlin Ingram, Catherine Fields Shultz, Amy Shaffer Waldfogle, Cynthia Ballard Mottel, Elisabeth Roeper
Outstanding in Set Design:  Ray Persing
Excellence in Musical Performance as Sr. Robert Anne - Amy Waldfogle
Excellence in Acting as Sr. Mary Regina - Dianna Davis
Outstanding in Musical Performance as Sr. Hubert - Karen Sowards
Excellence in Direction - Lizanne Ingram
Excellence in Musical Direction - Linda Abbott

The Drama Workshop Nunsense Production was invited to present at the 2014 Ohio State Conference.

Congratulations to all who were part of the production

Director - Lizanne Ingram
Producers - Megan Schultheis and Gretchen Gantner
Music Director - Linda Abbott
Choreography - Lauren Kinker

Sr. Mary Regina - Dianna Davis
Sr. Hubert - Karen Sowards
Sr. Robert Anne - Amy Waldfogle
Sr. Mary Amnesia - Catherine Schultz
Sr. Mary Leo (regular season) - Kate Stark
Sr. Mary Leo (excerpt) - Caitlin Ingram
Sr. Mary Queen of Scots - Elisabeth Roeper
Sr. Mary Kay - Cynthia Mottel

Linda Abbott - Keyboard
Chuck Kleesattel - Bass
Marsha Moore - Woodwinds
Eric Day - Percussion

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