Thursday, December 3, 2015

A Buffalo Berger at Buffalo Jack's

The sign high in the air along Main Street is the first thing I look for.  Then I know where to turn  into the parking lot.  Walking back toward Main, I turn the corner and come face to face with this creature.  Just now I realize I have never touched him.  I have always assumed he is cast iron.

This fellow has been around since before Tom and I moved to Miami County which was nearly fifty years ago.

Wednesday,  two good friends and I met at the restaurant for lunch.  We usually come here once or twice a year.  Pat and I always order buffalo bergers but Ceceila often orders a full meal so she wouldn't have to cook much for supper.  We could have dined on rattlesnake or alligator or elk.  Can't remember if there are any other choices other than fish, beef, chicken, and pork.

This guy stood diagaonally across from our table.

Before we left, Pat and Ceceila stood near the polar bear so I could get a size comparison.

If you look through the doorway behind them, you get a glimpse of what startled me the first time I decided to use the restroom here.

Here is a close up of what is beyond the doorway.  If you click on the photo, you will understand better why I was startled.  The fellow on the left is scary... and  the women's restroom is to the left.

As we headed for the door after lunch, we noticed that the buffalo just inside the front door had  greenery tucked behind his horn.  The holidays have arrived at Buffalo Jack's.

I plan to do some research about this restaurant.  There must be a story here.

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  1. A place to eat with character! Looks like a fun place to meet for lunch! :)