Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Week of Winter is Upon Us

We often get our first real winter weather between Christmas and New Year's Day and that is what is happening this year.  We will have highs in the 30s Fahrenheit and lows in the 20s for the coming week.  This morning  there was a light covering of snow on the rooftops and on the van.  By mid afternoon the snow had melted.

Our area is recovering from about 4 inches of rain which caused river flooding.  I haven't heard of any massive damage like there has been in Missouri.  The flood plain in our area is mostly parkland.

The bike trail that spans our county from north to south is flooded where it borders the Great Miami River.

The falls to the right of the sign is roaring with water.

Across the street, the parking lot for Farrington Reserve is covered with water.  Just beyond the treeline you can see the overflowing river.

The baseball diamonds in Troy are flooded.

The bike trail underpass near Charleston Falls is filled with water.  You can tell by the waterlines on the trees standing in the water that the water was higher yesterday.

There is plenty of water flowing over the falls.  Because we have had dry weather this fall, a lot of the water has sunk into the ground.  Because the land soaked up the water, the flooding was not as bad as it might have been.

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  1. Happy New Year to you and Tom! It seems the weather is weird all over. We have sun today! :)