Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Walk at Charleston Falls, October 29...Part One

My friend couldn't walk with me on Saturday and it was cold so I went to Charleston Falls about nine rather than the usual eight.  We had had our heaviest frost  this fall  during the night.  Mist was rising from the river and lay over the fields.

The frost edged leaves and plants were beautiful. 

It was a little after nine AM when I arrived the sun was still low in the sky and the grass was covered with frost.  The sun reddened the grass in random  spots.

The Tulip Poplar leaves were trimmed in frost.

As I started down the trail I spotted this maple decked out in red.

If you double click on the photo below you will get more detail of the scene at the falls. It is always a challenge to get a good morning picture of the falls. There is a huge contrast in lighting between the ravine and the cliff.

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