Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Walk at Charleston Falls, October 29...Part 3

And now to continue.

Beyond Redbud Valley, I saw more and more spots of sunlight on the forest floor as the sun rose higher in the sky.

First I saw just tiny spots of sunlight.

The rising sun was more noticeable on the tree trunks.

And soon it was high enough to light the trail ahead of me.

After I crossed the creek and started back toward the parking lot, I spotted this beauty. It is the start of a new tree, but hardly big enough to call a sapling.

I climbed higher. The day was growing warmer. Everywhere the leaves were covered with water droplets.

I looked ahead to a small patch of prairie beyond the woods.

Back in the parking lot, I took a second photo of the Tulip Poplar that was in shadow when I began my walk. The grass covered then with frost was now sparkling with dew.

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