Wednesday, October 24, 2012

23rd Annual Ohio Renaissance Festival, October 21, 2012

Tom and I didn't get to the festival this year until the very last day.    Although the morning temperatures were in the forties, by afternoon, the temperatures had risen to the sixties. The sun shone all day. The crowd was in a festive mood. As usual, there were costumes to buy or rent near the entrance.  You can see one of the entrances in the background of the picture below.

Little shops  sold everything from clothing to jewelry to blown glass objects to books and hair ornaments and swords and armor.

The queen and her courtiers strolled on the green.

Musicians sat here and there playing and singing songs of the Elizabethan age. Others performed in the ale house and on stages.

There were lots of opportunities for children and adults to become part of the festivities.

There were rides.


At noon, there was a parade of all the actors and actresses, and also the tradesmen who were selling their wares at the festival. Here is our granddaughter, Samantha, waving at us. 

 Later, Megan, left, and Samantha, right, joined the visitors at a picnic table and played a game of chess, using mustard and catsup packets for the men.

Pretzel sellers roamed about selling several different flavors as well as the standard salted ones.

After lunch, Tom and I went to the Pirate Comedy Show.


The Spanish Princess shown with one of the pirates showed up later at the Human Chess Match. The outcome of the chess match determined her fate.


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  1. Looks like great fun! What a wonderful way to spend a day! :)