Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happy Birthday, Camille

It's nice to have an up to date photo of you. That's because you came to visit us in August. I didn't read to you when you were a preschooler because you were five hundred miles away but I do know something you like to read now because you have told me you like this series.

This manga book was created by Erin Hunter, written by Dan Jolley and has art by James L. Barry.  The copyright is 2011.

I bought the first one for you because I had been buying manga books for your older brothers and I know that you like cats. Also, I remembered that when I was your age, my sisters and I enjoyed spending afternoons reading comic books

Your mom has told me that you like the traditional books in the Warriors series, too.  By traditional, I mean the old-fashioned kind of book I read when I was young.

   I hope your birthday was a happy one.


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