Monday, October 1, 2012

A Wonderful Ballgame at the Miracle League Fields

Every time I saw Stephen this summer, he told me, "I'm playing baseball. You should come and see me." On Saturday, we did.

The game was an inspiration to me.  I have no idea how many people contributed and are continuing to contribute to the Miracle League Fields but each one of them gets a heartfelt thanks from me.  The fields allows children with special needs to  do what their brothers and sisters do. 

Ray is wearing a Buddy shirt.  There were buddies of all ages on the field helping these special children play the game.  Each child batted until they hit the ball and  ran to first base.  Sometimes, they ran further and a few hit home runs.  The game rules are adjusted to special needs and a great time is had by all, including the spectators in the stands.

This is one of the fields after the game.  You can see a few of the green shirted buddies.

On the left is the visiting team dugout. On the right, a bit of the home team dugout is visible and on the right are the home team dugout and the spectators stand. Notice the big screen above the red wall behind the field.  The game is projected on that screen.

Below are the logos of groups involved in the project, reproduced from the grand opening program.


To find out more about The Joe Nuxhall Miracle League Fields in Fairfield, Ohio go to

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