Thursday, January 23, 2014

Common Goldeneyes on Eastwood Lake on January 13, 2014

Thanks to Tom's new camera and lens, he was able to get this photo of the Goldeneyes.  There are two Hooded Mergansers to the left and a couple American Coots in front of the Goldeneyes. Tom's camera has image stabilization.  His old one didn't.  This photo has already been enlarged.  Below is the photo enlarged even more.

Goldeneyes are rarely seen in our area though they are sometimes seen along Lake Erie, especially if the lake is frozen over.  Yes, it's frozen over.

Our winter has been much snowier and much colder than the average.  I think I've mentioned before that we don't get much "average" weather.

Neither of us are particularly fond of very, very cold snowy weather but some of the sightings that come because of it are exciting.

Here are a two photos Tom took of our garage window.

I'm playing around with these photos.  I'm planning to make a collage.

We always have Northern Cardinals at our feeders but we are seeing more than we usually do.


  1. Those Cardinals are so very beautiful! Wonderful photos Tom! My Canon has image stabilization too...I am thinking about a telephoto lens that goes to 400mm..expensive so I will have to save up! :)

    1. Tom said to tell you his telephoto lens goes only to 250mm. He says the 400mm is "too expensive". Maybe someday.

    2. The one I have now goes to 250mm also...saving up or maybe a refurbished one:)