Thursday, January 9, 2014

Projects to Finish, No. 2...Take a Seat Chair

Tom and I bought two chairs in 1963, shortly after we bought our first house.  This is one of them.  The chair was already fifty years old.  We bought it from a couple who had been married fifty years and were moving to a smaller home.

We have used both chairs a lot over the years.  They are a bit more narrow than a standard chair so they are useful if one more chair needs to be added to a crowded table.

The chairs are sturdy so Tom and I decided one of them would be fine for the Take a Seat Auction planned as a fund raiser by the Tipp City Area Arts Council.  I agreed to donate a chair last spring and  now it is due by March 1.

However, the finished chairs are to be creations...creative, whimsical, unique, fun.  They can be "functional and for display" or "for display only".  They also are to be designated "outdoor use" or "indoor use".

Tom has done his part, rubbed the chair down with a liquid that acts like sanding to remove the gloss and then given the chair two coats of spray primer.

Now it's my turn.  The thinking process has begun.

Number 1...The background color.  White?  Turquoise?

  Something paler?

I am using Jasc Shop Pro 8.  to make my thumbnail sketches.  This is old software, no longer available but it works fine.

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  1. I like White or better yet cream with a colorful cushion. Red would make quite a statement:)