Saturday, January 4, 2014

Goal for 2014...Do some of the things on my To Do List

In the fall of 2013, Lilian showed us how to make a fern cane.  This is not mine.  As sometimes happens, I left out a few steps.  Below is what I made instead.  I intended to make one like the one above.  I THOUGHT I knew exactly how to do it.

It's not bad if I were trying to make a Lombardy Poplar.  Also, my block isn't very thick.  I won't be able to slice many trees off it.  Still I like it.  But I promised myself I would try again.

I went back to the directions on Thursday.  That is one of the really nice things about Lilian Nichols's classes.  She nearly always gives us written directions so we can go back to them and remake the projects she has shown us.  It is amazing how quickly I forget the details of projects (even if I HAVE followed the directions).

I worked on the fern cane Thursday and today.  And now I have a  triangle of rolled leaves which looks like it will make a fern, not a tree.  I still have the vein to put between the two sections but I think I have the technique down better this time.  I discovered it takes more clay than I had thought it would.  The stack is between 3 and 4 inches long.

The leaves are made by rolling a Skinner Blend into a Bull's eye, then slicing the bull's eye lengthwise and inserting a center vein.  Directions on how to make Skinner Blends and Bull's eyes are in nearly every polymer clay beginner's guide.  I wasn't thinking about a blog when I was  working on this project so I didn't take photos as I went along.

I hope to have a fern to show you before the end of next week.

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