Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Playing With Polymer Clay, 2013

I have learned enough from Lilian Nichols to venture out on my own.  I made the votive candle holders and the small vase by baking the polymer clay designs to the glass.

The orange butterfly is one I made in Lilian's butterfly class but the blue one on the vase is one I made on my own.

I made the simple lily leaves by layering two or three shades of green, then encasing the layers in another green.  I squeezed the ends to points and sliced off thin layers of leaf.

The flowers on the candle holders were one of the several different flowers I made following Lilian's directions for making one type of flower from canes.

Lilian Nichols has been a wonderful teacher.  She constantly adds new information about using polymer clay and comes up with interesting ways we can use it.  I plan to continue going to her classes once a month classes at Studio 14 in Tipp City.

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  1. Oh I love this..what fun! I don't need another hobby, but I probably could do this one! :)