Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sambo's Tavern in Leipsic, Delaware, and Salt Marsh Canal Traffic

It's become traditional for Bruce, Tom and me to eat at Sambo's when we visit Bombay Hook.  The tavern is on the canal that meanders through the salt water marshes along the coast of Delaware.  Sambo's is open from some time in April through mid-October.  We timed it well, only a few days before it closed for the winter.  The day was beautiful so the tavern was full.  This is a place to get really fresh seafood.  Through the windows we could look out on the canal through the salt water marsh.

This year we watched different traffic than we had never seen before...a barge had just delivered a generator component for a new electrical system for a little town south of Leipsic. We learned that from Bruce's friend in the pale green sweatshirt.

Scrap materials were being loaded onto the barge before it started the return trip to the south..

We were torn.  We wanted to watch the activity but we wanted lunch, too.  We were happy  we could see a lot of the activity from our table. 

We ordered our sandwiches.  Tom had another crabcake which he decided was as good as the one at Harris' that he had eaten the day before.

But sometimes our curiosity overcame our hunger so Bruce and I left our meal several times to go outside and get more pictures.

The tugboat which had been along side the barge moved up and nudged itself between the dock and the barge.

After a considerable  amount of nudging, the tug boat moved along side the barge and began pulling  using a rope tied between the two crafts.

Then with help from the small blue boat, and the tugboat, the barge headed off down stream.

I was impressed with the patient maneuvering required that finally sent the barge off on its way.

Some of the photos are Bruce's, some are mine.  By the time I decided which photos to use I had lost track of who had snapped what.

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  1. That looks like a great area - so fun to see all the boats hard at work :)