Saturday, December 28, 2013

Charleston Falls, December of 2013

Our December has been different from the average for our area.  That is not unusual.  Every December is different from the average.

Rarely, December has been so warm that I have had flowers blooming.  Some years we have rain, or sleet, or snow or all three.  This year we have had all three.

The snow was the most noticeable this year, almost three times the average of about 4 inches.

Schools have already been closed twice, as much because of the ice that arrived before the snow as because of the snow itself.

Last Saturday, December 21, this is the way the falls looked.  The temperature was cold, 26 degrees F but we had had a few days of between 25 and 35 degrees F so much of the snow had melted.  The roar of the water was wonderful to hear.

But next came flash floods. None of the overflowing streams and rivers affected us retirees because we stayed home.  Our daughter said people had a terrible time getting to Kroger's where she works part-time. Major state roads and even the interstate were closed because of high water.

As Tom and I drove beside the bike trail today, Tom noticed debris from the flood still clinging to this sign.  The road we were driving on was one of those flooded a few days ago.

Jeanne and I had already enjoyed a hike to the falls.  The temperature was 33 degrees F and this afternoon, it rose to 52 degrees.  Very nice breather before winter returns.


  1. That's some impressive weather! We haven't had any snow yet - just a light frost or two.

  2. I sent the snow that way just for you! That was some high water..that is no fun at all.
    Happy New Year! :)