Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Charleston Falls, November 30, and on December 2

When Jeanne and I walked on Saturday morning, November 30, this is how the falls looked.  The white at the bottom of the falls is ice, not snow.  The weather was cold enough for snow, 26 degrees, Fahrenheit. (-3.3 Celsius)

On Tuesday afternoon, I took a rapid walk to the falls and this is what it looked like.  The temperature was 49 degrees, Fahrenheit. (9.4 Celsius)

Changes of temperature like this are typical of southwestern Ohio as cold winter weather begins to move in.  These ups and downs were the first thing I noticed about the weather when we moved here from northern Ohio.  In northern Ohio, the weather tends to come from the northwest.  In southwestern Ohio, we know the weather will usually come from the west but sometimes it comes from the northwest as it did on November 30 and sometimes it comes from the southwest as it did on December 2.

We're expected to have 50s (10 Celsius) and 60s (15.5 Celsius) as highs for the next couple days but 20s (-6.6 Celsius) by the weekend.

Our first snow melted weeks ago but there will be probably be snow again before Christmas.  We live far enough south that we don't always have snow for Christmas.