Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Journey to Bethlehem, Union Baptist Church, Troy, Ohio

On December 7,  Tom and I journeyed through Bethlehem and came to the stable where Jesus was born.  The experience was memorable.  I am glad my friend invited me.  I hope that those of you who live in the Troy area will watch for the information about it next year.  The journey was presented two evenings, one weekend only.

Here are some photos from the Bethlehem set.  Imagine vendors and inhabitants of Bethlehem on the set because they were there, lots of them.  Our group was the family of Job who had  come to pay our taxes.

Here, the innkeeper was sweeping her porch.  She told us that she had no more rooms at the inn.

Tom was intrigued by all the detail on this wooden-wheeled cart.

Our "family" was led down the street by our family leader past the many  booths where vendors called out for us to buy...furs, fish, chickens (live),  bread.  We passed the pen where the slaves for sale were imprisoned.

We arrived at the tax collectors.  At first, we weren't sure we had enough money but the tax collector finally told us, the amount we had would do.

Next, down the winding street was the jail where those who couldn't pay their taxes were imprisoned.

Ironically, the vendor beside the jail was selling fine jewelry, pots and candlesticks.  Our family leader told her we had had to pay all our money to the tax collector.

All along the road we met vendors and villagers who were concerned about the small family who had passed by earlier.  They couldn't find a place to stay for the night.

You know how the story ends.  I hope you can visit Bethlehem next year and see it and the beautiful ending for yourself.


  1. Thank you for a great write up, Pauline. So glad you & Tom enjoyed it so much.