Thursday, February 23, 2012

February 22...One Day Late

Yesterday was that special day, the day Tom sent me the roses that led to over fifty years of marriage so far.  

The year I received the first bouquet I was in college and taking an expository writing course.  That's non-fiction essays.  I wrote about the bouquet and what I thought about each day as I watched the roses open and then fade.  Tom says it is time to write another essay as I watch the flowers.

Yesterday....I was pleased he still remembers the day he sent the roses and that he isn't sorry he sent them.  I also was pleased that he made his famous ham and bean soup for lunch.  That was because his best buddy from college was stopping in for lunch.  This was the buddy who told him he was wasting good beer money by buying the roses. far...I am pleased that Tom usually fills the black printer ink cartridge.  He was at Pulmontary Rehab this morning when the ink ran out.  I had to fill it and now have black ink in the crevices of my fingernails.  I am also pleased that he took these photos and also the ones I plan to use for this week's Nature blog.  I have been teaching Children's Drawing and also Watercolor for the Absolute Beginner and have been rounding up materials and planning lessons for the past four weeks.  Tonight is the fourth session and I was feeling a bit harried yesterday.  The actual class time I love.  I have great students.

He likes the picture below.

I prefer this one.  I had just looked up from reading a mystery so I don't have my glasses on.  It's the focus on the roses that I like.


We're supposed to have temperatures in the fifties today.  Spring is coming.  I'll show you in tomorrow's blog.


  1. How sweet of Tom & the roses are just I see a painting in the future???

  2. Good to pick a man who's willing to re-route his beer money for you.