Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mother's Birthday

This is the one hundredth anniversary of my mother's birth.  She didn't make it to one hundred but she did make it to ninety-five and almost to ninety-six.  Two of her sisters lived to be within a few days of ninety-five so she was proud when she reached that milestone.  And she was proud her whole life that she shared her birth date with Abraham Lincoln, the president who freed the slaves.

My sister who is two years younger than I am lived  two hours east of Blanchard House, the assisted living home, where Mother lived most of her last two years. I lived  two hours southwest. Our other three sisters and brother lived in other states.  My sister was sick on Mother's birthday.  Tom was home in the living room in a hospital bed recuperating from a broken femur.  Ted, one of our grandchildren, stayed with him so I could be with Mother on her special day.

Blanchard House staff set up a dinner for us in the private family room-dining room.  The balloons are from them.  They also gave her a little teddy bear to add to the collection in her apartment.

Mother was excited about all the birthday cards and flowers and other gifts she received from friends, neighbors and relatives.  Many enclosed short notes and pictures of themselves with the dolls and bears and other toys she had given them from her  collection of over a thousand toys.

The next time my sister visited she brought a box she had covered with pretty paper so Mother had a special storage place for her cards and letters.  Often, when I visited after that, she brought out the box to show the cards to me.

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  1. She was a lovely lady. How wonderful that she was able to have that special celebration.

  2. You look so much like her!

  3. Almost ninety six, that is an accomplishment! It was good that you could be with her for her last birthday..we never know which one will be our last:)

  4. I absolutely love the top photo of Aunt Hazel! No rush, but could I have a copy? Preferably a high-res digital if you have it in that form & then I can make my own print.