Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Children's Drawing, an Easy Three Dimenisonal House

Two weeks ago, the children used houses like these to study shadows cast by the sun.  We used gooseneck lamps for our suns.  They understood the principles of shadows...the shadow falls on the ground, it is the same color as the ground but darker because the sun is not hitting the shadow area.

Some of them decided to draw houses showing two sides, not just the front or back or side.  Depicting 3-D on 2-D flat sheets of paper was confusing.  Last week I showed them how to make 3-D houses using Informal techniques.  I call these techniques "Informal" because they are not exact and they do not require using lines of perspective.  Even Informal techniques can be a challenge to young artists.  Usually, by age eight or nine, the following technique makes sense to them.

If you try this project, remember that, rather than using red marker where I have, use pencil so it is easy to erase at the end.  I used red marker so the lines would show up easily on the computer screen.  Later, I may redo this project using pencil rather than the red marker.  Notice that I did not draw the lines with a ruler.

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