Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Winter Shadows, Part 4

This is the painting as it looked in Part3.

These are the places where I intended to make changes.

Here it is after the changes were made.  I also made a few additional changes.  I lightened the background trees and gave them more of an angle so they would "point" to the cliff and to the trail.  I also extended the distant edge of the cliff to simplify that area and to make the steepness of the trail more apparent.

The painting is finished except for some minor tweaking, a paint stroke here and there.  I will sit it on my easel and look at it now and then as I work on other projects. 

It is important to choose a subject that you really want to paint.  Otherwise you will be tired of the whole thing before you are finished.  This subject has passed the test for me.  I am thinking of doing a larger painting of the same subject.  I am also considering doing an abstract version, even although I rarely do abstracts.

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