Saturday, July 9, 2011

Charlie Brown...Children's Musical Theater...June 24

On Friday afternoon, I went to the older children's production of Charlie Brown. The children were in sixth grade or above. The play was the children's own version, not an official version.

You will notice that there are two boys dressed as Charlie Brown. Since the children have a lot of lines and songs to memorize in less than two weeks of afternoon rehearsals, usually the parts with the most lines are split between at least two actors. There were two Lucies as well. Each of the eight actors and actresses had about 70 lines of dialogue to memorize as well as learning the words to the songs sung as a group. They also learned dances and acting skills such as blocking. Here are more photos from the performance.

This play was also directed by Sonja Hyer, Rebecca O'Brian, Gretchen Weber, and Grady Hoellrich.

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