Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Frog Tale...Children's Musical Theater...June 23

When I arrived about 6PM at the Barn in the Park, a crowd of friends and relatives were already waiting to see the the performance of the young actors and actresses in the second performance of the first play presented by the Children's Summer Musical Theater. The activity is offered through the Troy Recreation Department for a nominal fee.

The children ranged from first through fifth grade. They helped with the props and found their own imaginative costumes. They learned some basic theater techniques and had a lot of fun. They had less than two weeks of morning sessions to practice.

The play, A Frog Tale, was a dramatization of the old folk song, Mr. Froggie Went A'Courting. The story was expanded to include a mean cat who captured Miss Buttercup Mouse, the love of Wesley Frog's life. He and his friends had to go through a series of adventures to get to Uncle Rat in town so Wesley could ask for Buttercup's hand in marriage. Then Wesley and friends had to rescue Buttercup, her sisters, and grandmother from the mean cat. But all ended happily.

Sonja wrote the play, incorporating various "frog songs" and using the many verses of Mr. Froggie as they became relevant to the action on the stage.

On the evening I went, Eric took care of the lighting. He has his arm around his mom, my daughter.

The enthusiastic performance and the humorous presentation was a perfect relaxing end to a busy day of hurrying from one activity to another.

Sonja Hyer, Rebecca O"Brien, Gretchen Weber, and Grady Hoellrich shared directing duties.

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