Sunday, July 24, 2011

Children's Musical Theater...Oz

The third Children's Musical Theater production this summer was Oz. Twenty-nine actors and actresses participated. They varied in grade level from first grade through high school. As usual, the bigger parts were split among several people.  There were four Dorothys, three Lions, three Scarecrows and three Tinmen. Each had about the same amount of stage time.

Here are the four different Dorothys and the three different Lions, two different Tinmen and two different Scarecrows.

Below are the other Scarecrow and the other Tinman as well as the China Princess.

Sonja told me Grady Hoellrich did the choreography. The dances were delightful, varied and energetic. Below are photos of some of them.

The Wicked Witch below is gloating. The singing popppies are behind her.

But Glinda saves the friends.

The monkeys have a sad story, too.

But Dorothy saves the day melting the witch away.

And back they go to see the wizard.

And this is, unfortunately where my camera battery died so I didn't get any pictures of the last scenes, Aunt Em wondering where Dorothy is and Glinda telling Dorothy how to get home.

Many of the students had solos which they sang beautifully. Gretchen Weber, the accompanist on the piano, kept the piano at a level so the students with the softer voices could be heard as well as those who sang with stronger voices.

Sonja Hyer, aided by associate director, Becca O'Brien, did a nice job of helping the students put on a memorable musical.

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