Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Watercolors of Trilliium

I decided to paint a notecard of a Large-flowered trillium for each of the two friends who walked with me at Garbry Big Woods Sanctuary the day the woods was white with trillium.

These are the photos I am using for reference. The first is a a more distant photo, useful for general shadows and light areas.  The second is useful for seeing details.

Below are the paintings on the cards. I think the first painting is close to finished. I am using somewhat different colors on the second painting. The shadows on the first trillium are painted with Ultramarine deep. The shadows on the second trillium are painted with Antwerp blue. I am also experimenting with the background on the second one. As you can see by looking at the photographs, neither painting has a background like that in the photos.

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